A blog about Belgian culture in London. A blog about the arts in London, Brussels and Milan, from a Belgian point of view.


Just what the world needs in 2012 – yet another blog!

But this one is special: it aims to tell you all there is to know about Belgian Culture in London.

Who cares, I hear you say. It’s exactly because many Brits, or non-Belgian people in general, know little about my country, that I have decided to create this website. So that in the future I may perhaps be asked slightly less often whether I speak “Belgian” (this happened in London) or if Belgium is part of the European Union (another good one, happened in Milan, at the Municipality to be precise).

I love my patrie/vaderland. It is currently a bit of mess (Walloon and Flemings arguing stupidly); it might, maybe, perhaps, not exist for much longer; it is very grey and rainy. But it is unpretentious, original and terribly “sympathique”.

So expect visual arts, music, theatre, literature, dance, cinema , gastronomy and fashion, all Belgian and all in London. And, most probably, some reports from my trips home, what I’ve seen and done, and so should you.

(That’s the “Sprouts” part)

Because Art is my passion, I will also use “Arts and Sprouts” to share – because “sharing is loving”- what I have seen and done in London, where I live. I am still impressed by the sheer quality and quantity of exhibitions, concerts, plays on offer here. And by the fact that I can pop in for a quick visit in some of the world’s best museums *for free*.

Having lived in Milan for 5 years, there will also be some posts on delightful Italian things to see, to do and to eat.

(That’s the “Arts” part)

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