A blog about Belgian culture in London. A blog about the arts in London, Brussels and Milan, from a Belgian point of view.

Blogs and Sites I like

A non-exhaustive list of, as the titles says, blogs and websites I like.


Opera Chic: the most stylish opera blogger around, based in the epicentre of the opera world (aka Milan).

Intermezzo: yes, it’s opera again, but this time in London. Reviews, gossips, discounts alerts, etc.

We Make Money not Art: another Belgian who has strong Italian and UK connections. In her blog Régine Debatty writes “about the intersection between art, science and social issues”.

Love Art London: they say they are “the best god damn behind-the-scenes art club in London”. I can confirm it’s all true.

Shane Lynam Photo: we both did an MA in European Studies. Neither of us works in European Affairs. Shane is now a gifted photographer.

BML Music: Jack Beadle’s blog deserves to be here because his owner constantly challenges me to prove that Belgium is NOT boring.

Figurehead: Riccardo says: “You don’t really need to read this”. I disagree (if you speak Italian and are into music, that is).

Teatro alla Scala: ok, right, I might not be 100% impartial with regard to that one…

Belgium and Belgians

I Love Belgium: on Belgian design, fashion, architecture, etc. Warning: reading I Love Belgium can result in you buying very expensive, but utterly beautiful, Italian shoes…

Belgian Waffling “Ex-eurodrone, unfit mother, slattern” – insight into the life of a British expat in Brussels.


Londonist: my main resource when it comes to “stuff to do London”.

Spoonfed: brings me live music, arts, comedy, etc across London.

Lost in London: when I need the enlightened opinion of a Frenchwoman on things to do in London.

Into the F-World: my friend Serena reports on her gastronomic discoveries, mostly in London.

I am also hugely indebted to the super clever __charlottem__ for helping me out with the name of this blog (and with many other things which go from sourcing white asparagus in London to helping me organise my birthday party).